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Water is our most valuable resource

With increasing costs of bringing water to a potable/drinking standard we must look at new ways of reducing our demand on mains water while still maintaining our living standards. Rainman – Rainwater Harvesting System is that solution. This is a simple technology of collection, filtration and storage of rainwater for recycling. The collected water can be used for any process once it is non consumption and non bathing.

Rainwater Harvesting applications across these sectors domestic, commercial, agriculture, public.

The Original Irish Rainwater Harvesting Company

Shay Murtagh Ltd are in business for over thirty years and have worked in the water industry for that length of time. We provide storage solutions to local authority and group water schemes nationwide. We realised that storage and filtration was only a temporary measure to achieve high quality water services in Ireland. With a growing population creating high demand on existing plants, water quality declined in some areas. After extensive research the company launched Rainman in 2004. We believe Rainman is a high quality product that delivers on an alternative water source for recycling in any market sector which is at a reasonable cost and is low in maintenance.

Project Specific Design

This website gives a general overview of the technology of rainwater harvesting. We do provide a range of sizes and designs to meet individual project criteria. Our specialised team will discuss each detail of the system and design units to suit required specifications. Design takes in amount of rainfall, size and type of roof, the number of users and storage retention requirements. Contact us today for more information.

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