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Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture

Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture

Today all agricultural industry is paying for water delivered by mains to their farms. Mostly metered this gives a clear indication of the quantities of water used.

Each farm is individual but the general requirements are all the same. Storage tank(s), grit and leaf filter and if required a pump. Dairy, beef, tillage, horticulture all require water but in different quantities for different applications.

This water can be used to feed animals, vehicle washing, shed washdown and crop watering. Using rainwater as an alternative you are reducing your required potable water from the local authority which reduces your annual overheads.

Each project is individually assessed and our technical team can give the best possible advice on the structure of your water collection based on site visit.

By the results of the feasibility study carried out by DIT Bolton St., Dublin,  it stated in its conclusions that on that agricultural project the rainwater system supplied 47% of the water used on the farm. This can be read on our links page. Also take a look at the Waterwise document which was published in UK for carrying out your own water audit. Rainwater Harvesting documents to download

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