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Rainwater Harvesting System for Domestic use

Rainwater Harvesting System for Domestic use

We use water every day for bathing, cooking, cleaning and most importantly drinking. Figures show that in general the amount of water used by any one person is approximately 150 litres.For the majority of households this is potable water / drinking water.

However, we do not need drinking water to flush our toilets, wash clothes or water the garden,  there is an alternative source.

Rainwater is an alternative source

Before all houses had piped water we used rainwater for all other functions except drinking and now we are going back to this technology to reduce the quantity of drinking water we take into our households. There is a cost of taking raw water to potable water. Energy and chemicals are used to give us drinking water which has to be financed. However using this same water for flushing toilets is wastage.

Rainman Rainwater Harvesting System

General Domestic System comprises of

  • 1 no 9 cubic metre precast concrete tank complete with lid and access manhole.
  • 1 no Volume Filter
  • 1 no. Calmed Inlet
  • 1 no. Overflow Siphon
  • 1 no. Ball Float, Pump and Mains Top Up

It is installed by our qualified installation team who are available at all times to discuss any queries.
We can supply systems to meet all project requirements. Contact us today for further information and quotation.

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