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Rainwater Harvesting System for Commercial use

Rainwater Harvesting System for Commercial use

Industry today pays for water. In most situations potable water is metered going from mains into relative buildings. For the majority of businesses this is their only source of water as there has been no alternative.

Now there is an alternative source of water available, rainwater.

Typically rainwater is an alternative to public main water for WC’s, vehichle washdown, sprinkler systems, process water and other applications where the water is not used for drinking or bathing.

Studies by the Environment Agency in the UK showed results that a commercial entity can save nearly 70% of potable water thus reducing demand on public mains.
In a lot of projects these can be retrofitted easily and quickly.Tanks vary in sizes depending on population and industry requirements.
We can give specific project advice and quotes on basis of each site by one of qualified Technical Team. Rainwater cannot be used for bathing or for drinking without further filtration.

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